Calvin harris hangs with ex ellie goulding as taylor swift split news breaks

Despite all the dating rumours, Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris have proven that men & women really CAN just be friends - và nothing more! Here's all eleven reasons why we love them as pop BFFs!


2. But despite being totally loved up, Calvin and Ellie still giới thiệu #TBT's lượt thích this...

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They're such good pals, they even kiểm tra that each other's breath is smelling minty fresh.


3. #ThirdWheeling. You KNOW your friendship is solid when you don't mind third wheeling!

It's cool Ellie, we're sure you're not disturbing anything! Picture: Calvin Harris Instagram


4. Whether at home or on holiday, the two always find time to lớn hang out

And if that 'holiday' also counts as work, that's cool too!


5. It's not all about going out! Calvin and Ellie show you can have just as much fun chilling together.

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6. Seriously though, the two do love staying in and posting a good selfie or two.

They didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose them. Picture: Instagram

7. Plus, writing hit songs seems khổng lồ come effortlessly to lớn both of them!

They're a talented two-some, aren't they?

8. With equally ripped bodies we imagine the two are always chatting workout tips & tricks...

Which doesn't appeal lớn us in the SLIGHTEST, but good on them.

9. Although don't get them wrong, Ellie & Calvin still lượt thích to party... HARD.

We'd LOVE to lớn see what havoc they get up to. Picture: Instagram

10. Awww, it doesn't hurt that the two of them are just quite nice lớn look at either, does it?

Perfect genes - just another thing these two have in common. Picture: YouTube

11. & basically, we're all holding out on the two getting in the studio together again sometime soon!

Oh come on guys, you know it needs lớn happen. Picture: Instagram