Find out why xiaomi mi is a threat to Samsung and Apple in the UK điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh market in our full reviews of the ngươi 8 Pro.

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Transparent ByDesign

Today’s flagships all follow a similar design: a high screen-to-body ratio with a large, high-quality panel adorning the front, often with a notch in which the sensors và selfie camera are placed lớn maximise the available screen area; a glass rear with gently sloping edges curving in to meet a skinny metal frame; và at least two cameras at the back. Check, check and check.

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But tested here in Transparent Titanium, which is the only version to lớn go on sale in the UK, the ngươi 8 Pro has one feature we’ve not seen elsewhere – and the name kind of gives it away.

It looks as though the mày 8 Pro’s internal components are on view, but it’s actually a giả board with no working parts according to teardowns. That doesn’t make it look any less special (and actually if it were the real components it probably wouldn’t be half as pretty.