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“It’s not until you’re older that you see the long-term repercussions of a diet with inadequate levels of vitamin D.” That’s according khổng lồ Helena Scully, bone research fellow at the Mercer Institute for Successful Ageing at St James’ Hospital.

Right now, we’re spending more time than usual indoors. We need our sunshine, và not just as the backdrop to a barbecue or socially distant day at the beach – although that would be great. We need the sun lớn help our bodies produce vi-ta-min D, an essential nutrient that, truth be told, we’re lacking significantly in Ireland.

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“From October lớn March, we get very limited sun in Ireland và therefore we need to rely on other sources of vi-ta-min D lớn ensure adequate levels,” advises Scully.

“A lack of sun exposure can make it difficult khổng lồ achieve optimal bone health. Research has shown that this lack of vi-ta-min D can seriously impact our health at any age.”

One in eight Irish people over 55 is deficient in vi-ta-min D <1>, but that deficiency likely started in young adulthood. The crucial time to build up a child’s bone density is up lớn the age of 18. It’s lượt thích investing now for your future bone health, yet worryingly 94 per cent of children in Ireland have inadequate intakes of vitamin D <2>, which is a concern for Ireland’s population.

Scully says that, “while vi-ta-min D deficiency has been identified in children và older people,” there hasn’t been as much focus on “what’s happening in the middle”. But her upcoming research has done just that.

“I analysed data on over 35,000 people,” she says, “and basically I’ve found that there’s quite a stark level of deficiency in Ireland. We knew what it was lượt thích in older people and in children, but for the group in the middle, it wasn’t clear. That research is soon to be published in full.”

Prep now for later life

Scully explains that vi-ta-min D plays a critical role alongside a number of other nutrients to help tư vấn healthy bones và a healthy immune system.

“While you might feel fit as a fiddle now, it’s not until you’re older that you start seeing the longer term repercussions of a diet with inadequate levels of vitamin D.

“Ensuring adequate levels of vi-ta-min D in your diet can support bone health in later life và also supports the normal function of your immune system.

“When you’re about 18 your bone mass is close to lớn reaching its peak, but then after declines naturally due to ageing. People may not be aware of the nutritional impact of cutting out dairy or switching khổng lồ unfortified non-dairy milks.

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Helena Scully (right) explains that it’s often not until you’re older that you see the repercussions of a vi-ta-min D deficiency. Photograph: Robbie Reynolds

“People switching khổng lồ unfortified non-dairy milks are not always aware of the implications that this could have on their nutritional intake. For example, vi-ta-min D is vital for the absorption of calcium in the toàn thân and the two work hand in hand. Dairy milk is a natural source of calcium which is an important nutrient for bones, but not all non-dairy milks are fortified with calcium.

“For people in their twenties, thirties and forties, it is likely that they won’t appreciate their bone health until they potentially have issues when they are older. At that stage, it can be difficult khổng lồ reverse.

“There needs to lớn be a greater appreciation among younger people that prevention in this case is better than cure.”

Scully recommends not taking the risk and encourages people to lớn be proactive in looking after their health and ensuring they are getting the recommended amount of vitamin D.

Eating a balanced diet và including dietary sources of vitamin D such as oily fish, including salmon, mackerel và herring plus egg yolk & fortified foods is important <3>.

If you have concerns about your vi-ta-min D levels, liên hệ your GP to lớn discuss.

The information in the above article relates to lớn all natural dietary sources of vitamin D, fortified foods and supplements.

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