Obi SF1 sản phẩm box, there are similarities with Apple’s iPods box: the phone is placed in transparent plastic frame, accessories, located in the lower part of the box. The supplied accessories include rechargeable bulbs, wire MicroUSB, SIM poked sticks and paper manuals. The manufacturers are not equipped with headphones is probably to reduce costs. Department of machine charging fast charging standard tư vấn QuickCharge 1.0, 3000 mAh battery fully charge takes about 3 hours.

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If the machine box same iPod box, then key the Obi SF1 has many thiết kế features reminiscent of the Notê Lumia 925, especially details the screen bezel and standing out. Many other phones have curved glass and a “2.5D”, but the SF1 screen standing out from the toàn thân that looks fancy but a bit rough, not smooth feeling & laông xã of seamless. If the less convex screen, it would greatly improve the aesthetics of the hàng hóa.

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Praiseworthy point in this phone is the material used in the product. The chassis feels quite rugged, two upper & lower edges with metal materials & different colors. The baông xã side, smoother, less fingerprints, và looks quality, like the casing material on the Lumia 925.

5-inch screen of the phone has a resolution of Full HD, use IPS panels provided by the JDI company. The screen has a high brightness, wide viewing angle, but the contrast does not seem high. Due khổng lồ the design of the machine should be pretty thiông chồng contour display, create impressive sầu screen is too small compared to the machine. Ratio screen / front of the machine is only about 64%, quite low when many current smartphones have sầu this rate of approximately 67-70%, even the Sony Xperia C5 Ultra is 76%.

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Obi said this screen is coated with anti-fingerprint và equipped with Gorilla Glass toughened glass 4 promises lớn have sầu good resistance to lớn scratched.

SF1 parameters of the camera is quite impressive: after using the camera Sony Exmor IMX214 sensor 13MP resolution, aperture f / 2.0; also front camera 5MP resolution with flash. When taking the demo a few initial experience unimpressive sầu. Focusing và Brightness slower.

Performance, configuration SF1 equipped midrange Qualcomm SnapLong 615 processor eight-core (4 core 1GHz and 4-core 1.5GHz), graphic 405. The 32GB version have 3GB RAM, và 16GB version have sầu 2GB RAM. The configuration of the machine theoretically could say quite high. But in actual use, I noticed the machine was not really smooth when switching between tasks or when using the applications. With the game N.O.V.A 3, which automatically adjusts graphics based on the configuration of the machine SF1 also quite poor, when players feel the jerky picture. Cause PC’s performance is not impressed by the software is probably not optimized well and this will be improved in the next version of the software. Moreover, the current 615 SnapLong chip has limited power when the graphics processor to lớn Full-HD resolution.


Obi SF1 uses Android version 5.0.2, with customizable interface only slightly, while applications such as photography, libraries are similar khổng lồ Google’s original software. The only difference lies in the machine’s screen rotation lock with quite spectacular style.