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Girls’ Generation’s Yoona và actor-singer Lee Seung Gi’s relationship began at the very beginning of last year (January 1) but after a year & eight months, their agencies confirmed that they are no longer a couple.

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S.M Entertainment (Yoona’s agency) và Hook Entertainment (Seung Gi’s agency) both confirmed the news, stating that “they decided lớn remain close friends (an oppa and dong saeng relationship)”.

Insiders claim that the two’s busy schedules contributed to lớn their split because they were not able khổng lồ juggle their careers & meeting up with each other often.

Yoona is currently in preparations for Girls’ Generation’s fifth album release next week (Lion Heart drops on August 18) và Seung Gi is shooting a new variety show New Journey to lớn the West as well as his upcoming movie Marital Harmony.

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