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I use this in the office and lượt thích it, but I found it really shines after a trip lớn the dermatologist. Will repurchase.

Sometimes you just want a cool, wake me up. This isn"t just water - it is cool and refreshing with a very mist. I"ve used it as a toner before moisturizer in my daily routine và also as a nice refresher.

This hàng hóa is a great refresher if you"re needing something nice và cool for your face. I really enjoy this product và would highly recommend.

I love khổng lồ use a mist khổng lồ dampen my skin before using my HA serum & I"ve been trying to find a fragrance miễn phí toning mist for about a year & a half. I tried this on a whim, not knowing if it would serve my intended purpose. And if it did! Would it even vì chưng anything? and since the very first time I used this, it has become my holy grail! It reduces redness and sensitivity, has the finest, most luxurious mister, & a little goes a long way. Not khổng lồ mention that this checks all the boxes for fragrance không lấy phí and safe for my acne prone brothers and sisters! The only down side is that it"s very hard khổng lồ tell how much is left in the bottle và I have major hàng hóa anxiety, thinking I"ll run out of something before I can get more. Sounds lượt thích a good excuse to order some more products lớn me!

This spray works so well to lớn calm my skin whenever it feels irritated or turns red. I love lớn use this after cleansing, but before moving onto the rest of my skincare routine. I also find it very handy to lớn have when traveling khổng lồ areas where I"m not sure if the water could aggravate my skin.

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What can say, it"s water in a can! Great khổng lồ refresh throughout the day & great to lớn keep clay masks damp.

You can use it anytime lớn keep your skin hydrated. I usually remove my biến hóa in the middle of the day, then spray this mist & that"s more than enough before I apply sun cream again. A must buy! They have several sizes that make skincare while traveling is more convenient. Highly recommend!

I enjoy trying these for fun, but this one made my skin particularly nice! I am a huge La Roche-Posay fan hâm mộ and this hàng hóa is great. It"s refreshing và gives my skin a natural glow.

This is one of my 2 favorites. The spray is not as fine as the other one (another top French brand sold here) and it seems to lớn be a little salty & mineral-y. I have very sensitive taste and smell senses. I don"t mind this at all though. I go between the 2 brands. You can"t go wrong with either for a refreshing feeling.


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