During his travels to find Koyomi’s final resting place, Haruto encounters a Phantom called Ogre that seeks lớn become the strongest Phantom by devouring the rồng Phantom residing within Haruto.

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Reuniting with Rinko, Shunpei, & Nitou, Haruto is attacked once again, this time by an old friend who takes the size of the trắng Wizard…


Kamen Rider Gaim: Warring States Battle Royale!

A battle royale is being held exclusively for the Armored Riders in Zawame City. Kamen Riders Gaim, Baron, Ryugen, Kurokage, and Gridon enter the competition, but while fighting, a rip opens, with Gaim, Baron, & Ryugen going in. After finding a second rip in the Helheim Forest, they find themselves in a Warring States Period-esque world where the Legend Riders are called War Gods & are fighting each other…


Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fated Movie War Feud

With the other War God Riders defeated, War God Gaim seems unstoppable.

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However, Haruto joins Gaim, Baron, and Zangetsu as they rescue Ryugen & Beast. With the 6 Kamen Riders united, they move khổng lồ put an kết thúc to War God Gaim’s tyranny over the people of this alternate world…


It’s been a while since we’ve done a movie release, but there were several reasons to vì chưng this one, not least of which that it was never released in HD by Over-Time. We’re releasing this where it went as far as being released during the broadcast order, although it might make slightly more sense to slot it after Episode 10 as far as plot goes. Anyway, what we’ve done here is a 3-track setup. An original Over-Time version with just the usual assorted fixes as needed, an altered version that swaps out terms for their Aesir counterparts (Pulperize, Ornac, etc.), and the revised track as we’ve done for the series with all the changes we make there.

Revision notes are as follows:

Fixed translations of lines noted in Over-Time comments (All tracks)Altered the title of the Gaim portion lớn Warring States Battle Royale (Revised & Aesir-terms tracks)Added transformation calls khổng lồ battle scene with War God OOO (Revised track only)