Shhhhh, nigga drinkin don pie, & crystal (Huh Bra?)All that in the ass, fuckin these hoes, ballin till we fallinDrankin too much, but its all good (all good)Its all gravey dog watchin they dogs come out Thugged out, when i met the presidentReeboks & Girbuads, when he came into my residentsVest up cuz i aint trust the hoes who we fuckin witThree years in 86 & the mayor supportin mah shitWasnt pickin no cotton for no redneck, Bitch! and i wouldnt fuck foxy with another nigga dickBeen slick doin this shit since 86Scarred wit mah neck và my tattoes on mah wristAnd my motto is i"ll fuck a bitchCash checks quick and i done payed my dues khổng lồ this rap shitCompetition catchin the blues cuase we comin with that raw shitThat brown layed down shitStack your cheese wit a tape thats fire slickAnd bees like butter fresh got "em runnin to the store quickAnd it cost half a ki to lớn see my in the club slickAnd sure "nuff i dont wanna see no blood slickAnd it cost a whole ki lớn see me in the stadium, Bitch!And ill put that on the bezzle if you dont belive that shitI aint givin up shit, everything i got i earnedNuthin for free, up in this world is what i learnedBackdown for what, i know them playas up in that cutAnd they tapin us, my shot they cant wait khổng lồ bustSo all you niggaz slow down, you drawin more heatI read it in the paper already , they say they gonna sweepA brother doin 10-9, im fuckin with you clownzNigga done take his charge, so mah people went downGet some were you aint got nuthin to lớn do?I"m ballin now, i dont time to lớn be fuckin witch youMe & chilly ride hod , ready lớn ball lượt thích a dogGet full of that hen and that dro" until we fallDont answer the phone , cuase they got us under survallianceLook in the real b , You dont know them people tralin?Drop, Drop, Drop it lượt thích its hotWatch out ,watch out drop it like its hotWhoa, whoa drop it like its hotWatch out ,watch out drop it like its hotWho the only nigga you know that"ll hassle a bitch Who the only nigga you know that"ll Harass a bitchFresh miggity, Big Dickity, bởi the liggityThen you my baby boo, Fo shiggityYou done seen me, got the super weenyRidin with a bitch in the blue Lambourgini Muggin while she between meEatin Hizucks, Beatin DizucksSuckin till she catch the HizucksWhen i shoot the rizzucks, I lượt thích "em i love & i smashI hit "em qiuck in a mash, till the kat K Robbin,Weebon và BobbinBig lip Slobbin on the telephone poles (Whoa)The pickle has no heart, in the middle of the darkIf u cant finish this shit you shouldt have start, with a big-dick birdie man 23 year old dirty man, pull of yer skirt và then grab your handAnd let you insert, domain authority ManBaby im"a ctach my cut from saratoga unravelinTryin khổng lồ twist "em with the shit, with brite gangsta unravelinRunnin of on mah shit, Tryin lớn take what was mineBut im"a gip with mah shit from 6 figures to lớn the last dime Cieze my bank account & i still got my drug boutIf i was runnin with them niggaz then i"d be crossed upI"m"a ball till i fall, What you think i was playin?I lượt thích cars and broads, but im real with this rap thingI still got mah buildins, still gonna make a millionI"m"a slang these rocks, from all the way up, They killin "em Take it how you want it, I aint got shit for the doubtTill yên finished with the life, asked slim its a mougtHow you luv that?, Bitch!