We’ve compiled a danh mục of eight of the sharpest men"s barbershops in Ho chi Minh City. If you"re not sure where khổng lồ go for a fresh fade, give one of these a try.

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Source: Facebook/liembarbershopTattoos, Dickies jumpsuits, piercings…entering Liem’s can feel intimidating. But grab a ticket on your way in, nod your head to the Vietnamese hip hop on loop, and discover some of the friendliest, most well-trained hairdressers you’ll find in any of our Saigon Barbershops.

It’s a disconcerting discovery walking down an alley lượt thích District 3’s Nguyen Son Ha & emerging into a 1960s Mexican-American neighborhood. But Liem Barber Shop, established in 2015, has customers coming back again & again drawn by a team as passionate about hair as the Chicano lifestyle. No matter what time of day, you’ll see a long line of patient customers waiting in the fast-moving queue for an affordable classic comb-over or a supremely clean fade. Right after, you can head to their affiliated Viet Gangz Brotherhood for piercings và tattoos (2/45 Cao Thang, District 3, HCMC or 21/3B Dang thai Thanh, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi).

Liem’s is also inclusive enough khổng lồ offer both men’s & women’s styling. & their uniqueness has helped them to open 12 stores in Ho bỏ ra Minh City, another five in Hanoi và one in Bien Hoa.

Location: 79 Nguyen Son Ha, District 3, Ho chi Minh City và elsewhere around the city, in Hanoi & Bien Hoa

Saigon Clippers Barbershop

Source: Facebook/SAIGONCLIPPERSLocated in District 10, Saigon Clippers is one of the classic Saigon barbershops. Instead of the gangster edge of Liem’s, Saigon Clippers brings a vintage vibe with exposed brickwork & dark wood fixtures.

With a mission lớn bring you sharp old-school styling, Saigon Clippers’ barbers disregard long lines, taking their time to lớn deliver slick designs. The customers who come khổng lồ Saigon Clippers are from all races and demographics—you might run into a college student, a kid wtih his dad, or an expat looking for a fresh cut at one of the best Saigon barbershops.

Location: 690/23 Le Hong Phong, District 10, Ho đưa ra Minh City

Hurricane Barber

We’ve introduced Hurricane Barber before when we told you: “The interior is understated và practical: classic barber chairs; a mirror for each barber; & shelves crowded with electric clippers, scissors, razors, combs, neck duster brushes và other hair-cutting paraphernalia.”

It’s still one of our favorites, due lớn an approach which aims for an air of laid-back personability in more intimate surrounds than most other Saigon Barbershops we’re talking about here. In fact, there are just two stylists at Hurricane Barber offering their bespoke services.

It feels lượt thích an old-fashioned street barber brought indoors. And Bi, the owner, has a deep passion for the craft. The idea of opening a barbershop came lớn him a few years ago when he was struggling lớn find a perfect place for an undercut. & so Bi and his partner decided khổng lồ create that place with a dream of “doing it right” by combining Vietnamese traditions with Western styling. Today, Hurricane Barber attracts an enthusiastic youthful crowd.

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Location: 2nd Floor 135 Bui Vien Street, District 1, Ho đưa ra Minh City

Le Barbier de Saigon

Source: Facebook/LeBarbierDeSaigonLocated in District 2, Le Barbier de Saigon is a vintage barbershop. In the Thao Dien expat enclave, Le Barbier is dedicated to lớn men’s lifestyle offering traditional and modern methods in men’s grooming including hair, skin, beard và mustache care.

Le Barbier de Saigon takes the term barbershop by its literal meaning—operating as a barber and a shop. khổng lồ make sure their customers stay fresh from head lớn toe, they also run a small retail section with a selection of the trendiest men’s clothes và accessories from European boutiques.

Location: 53a Nguyen Dang Giai, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho chi Minh City

Brothers – Boutique Men’s Salon

Source: Facebook/brothersmensalonRecently opened on Dong Khoi Street in District 1, Brothers is the definition of a gentrified gentlemen’s club. Hidden behind Réhahn’s Couleurs D’Asie Gallery, this place is a high-ceiling oasis of calm beside the bustling chaos of iconic coffeeshop L’Usine’s original store, & the mayhem of District 1’s main street outside.

Réhahn, the renowned French photographer & cigar-enthusiast, has even provided a selection of cigars that can be paired with Brother’s artisanal spirits & craft beers. And you can enjoy them on one of the city’s coolest balconies, either before or after your international-standard undercut.

Proudly men-only, although your partner is welcome lớn wait in one of their comfy arm chairs, Brothers is on a mission khổng lồ help men feel và look their best by combining signature haircuts, personalized consultations, traditional shaves and spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp services. They also sell a broad range of beard oils and hair waxes.

Location: 157 Dong Khoi, District 1, Ho chi Minh City

4Rau Barber Shop

Source: Facebook/4raushopAside from Liem Barbershop và Saigon Clippers, 4Rau Barber shop is one of the most popular Saigon barbershops (so remember to make an appointment). The owner, Ha Hien, is a former actor known for roles in films like the Charlie Nguyen directed Bui Doi cho Lon. After that and several other film projects, Ha Hien decided to step back from acting to lớn follow another of his passions—cutting hair. He spent months refining his craft. Then Ha Hien opened his own place, 4Rau Barber Shop. And it quickly became a hangout for fellow actors và other local celebrities.

4Rau Barber cửa hàng carries a vintage vibe, featuring classic barber chairs, moody lighting, and a wooden floor. And, because of Ha Hien’s struggles growing up, the actor has placed helping disadvantaged youth at the bộ vi xử lý core of this shop’s mission.