5 mid-range hotels in Mumbai

Mid-range hotels in Mumbai are found all over the đô thị but not all of them promise comfortable stays and unique services at the same time. The thành phố nonchalantly worships one mantra−value for mon... More

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Get bang for your buck—the best mid-range hotels in Langkawi

Langkawi, a part of the 99 tropical island of peninsular Malaysia, is rich in heritage as well as boasts of a chất lượng landscape & is the perfect living environment that many long for. Due khổng lồ the... More


Biswa Bangla Gate – Kolkata welcomes you to lớn its very first hanging restaurant

Kolkata now has an all-new restaurant that is hanging! Yes, Biswa Bangla Gate now has a restaurant that is the city’s first hanging restaurant of the city.


Saudi Arabia to lớn launch Diriyah Gate with a big bang in November

According lớn the news reports, Jerry Inzerillo, CEO, Diriyah Gate Development Authority, said that there is only one Diriyah. He added that only this destination can tell the story of the Saudi p... More


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The SoBo art trail: exploring Mumbai’s art district

The art trail began with a visit khổng lồ Gallery 7, which had showcased seven artists, each one using a different medium of expression — installation, sculpture, painting, photography, video, etc. Whi... More


Fascinating facts about Onam that make this festival so special

Onam is the official state festival of Kerala; this is when the state"s art and culture is on full display. But this year, due lớn the Coronavirus pandemic, the festival is going khổng lồ be a low-key a... More

The not-so scandalous affair of Shimla’s Scandal Point

Travelling with a purpose is something that drives many travellers lớn make an elaborate plan & dive into it. Such trips offer them a sense of achievement & enthusiasm to explore even further.... More

5 European experiences so clichéd that they are worth it

Went khổng lồ Switzerland but skipped a fondue feast? Well, that quite does not sound lượt thích a perfect trip; right? There are some clichés so clichéd that there is no skipping them; be it a cable ride to... More

Raasta The Carribean Lounge

A favoured hangout spot in the Indian capital, Raasta is a destination where you can tiệc ngọt the night away with your friends. The lounge is tastefully decorated with warm interiors which are suita... More





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