Arsenal gave an unlikely comeback their best shot for 53 minutes - before totally collapsing again as Bayern breezed into the quarters.

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Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is dejected after the final whistle. Photograph: Frank Augstein/AP

The whistle. Half-arsed boos. Wenger walks down the tunnel looking utterly deflated. Bayern register their third 5-1 victory over Arsenal in a row. This is Arsenal’s biggest loss at the Emirates to lớn date, và they go crashing out of the Champions League in embarrassing style. Thing is, they played well tonight up until the penalty & red card, & none of the big decisions went their way. But given what happened afterwards, none of that really matters. It’s one thing being ultimately outclassed - there’s no shame in losing to lớn this Bayern Munich side - but another capitulating totally. The mood around the Emirates is resigned & funereal; it feels lượt thích the kết thúc of days at Arsenal. It’s going lớn be an interesting climax to lớn their season all right, one way or another. Last word khổng lồ Stuart Goodacre: “Just to say that we - Lincoln - have scored four goals tonight. Roll on Saturday!”


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain covers his face with a shirt as he leaves the pitch. Photograph: Catherine Ivill - AMA/Getty Images

90 min: There will be three more minutes of this. 180 seconds that will seem like 180 years lớn Arsenal.

89 min: Bellerin, from the right of the Bayern D, looks for a consolation. His low shot isn’t far away from the bottom left, but whistles wide.

87 min: The Bayern fans are giving it plenty. They can be heard quite clearly, lớn be fair. The Arsenal fans are in the pit of despair. On the touchline, Arsene Wenger looks beyond miserable. Alexis Sanchez allows himself a wry, thin-lipped grimace.


This is painful. Renato Sanches, from deep, splits the Arsenal defence with one pass. Douglas Costa, down the inside-left channel, draws Ospina before laying inside for Vidal, who sidefoots into an empty net.


Arturo Vidal celebrates his second, và Bayern’s fifth on the night. Photograph: Clive Mason/Getty Images
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83 min: Renato Sanches slips a ball down the left for the overlapping Alaba, who nearly finds Kimmich six yards out with a low whip into the centre. Inches away from a third 5-1 in a row against Arsenal. “Can Arsenal use some of their millions to arrange for, say, a spaceship to lớn land on the pitch & have the trò chơi abandoned?” wonders Charles Antaki. “Or maybe the pitch could gently descend into one of those sink-holes we hear so much about? Or just offer the ref lots of cash to blow for time. Anything, really, to stop it all.”

81 min: Incidentally, between those two body blows for Arsenal, Bayern made a double change, sending on Kimmich and Renato Sanches in place of Thiago & Ribery.

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This is getting embarrassing now, ten men or no. Mustafi passes out straight to Alonso, who slips the ball forward for Vidal. He’s clear. He clips the ball over the outrushing Ospina, & into the net.

Arturo Vidal chips the ball past Arsenal keeper David Ospina to lớn score Bayern Munich’s fourth goal. Photograph: Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images
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GOAL! Arsenal 1-3 Bayern Munich (Douglas Costa 78); agg 2-8

Rafinha zips up the right & is scythed down by Xhaka, who will be booked for that. Costa takes up possession on the halfway line, reaches the area, cuts inside Robben-style, & curls an unstoppable shot past Ospina into the left.

77 min: Lewandowski races clear down the inside-left channel. He’s one on one with Ospina, & should score, but over-runs the ball with a heavy touch. Arsenal go up the other end, Bellerin reaching the byline on the right và shooting from a super-tight angle. Bayern clear, go up the other end, & ...

76 min: Lewandowski wins a towering header in the middle of the Arsenal half, holding onto possession before passing to lớn Douglas Costa on his left. Costa enters the Arsenal box and fizzes a low ball back to lớn the striker. Lewandowski, rushing in, meets it well, but his effort batters off the bottom of the right-hand post and away.

74 min: A bit of possession for Arsenal in the middle of the park. Sterile, as a great man once said. “I also don’t see how đoạn clip replays would help,” writes Liam Westaway. “It would just drag out the process of making bad decisions. & we’d still have to lớn listen to the pundits argue whether said clip decision was the correct one và whether player X was just simulating being headbutted khổng lồ try & force a video replay with the intent of wasting time.”

72 min: A triple change by Arsenal. Ramsey, Giroud and Sanchez come off; Coquelin, Ozil & Lucas Perez take their places.